A Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Car Detailing

A Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Car Detailing

How to Guide Beginner for Luxury Car Detailing

A simple carwash isn’t enough to maintain a high-end vehicle. You need to go one step beyond and opt for car detailing—a thorough cleaning of your automobile’s interior and exterior using various specialized tools and products.

Based on requirements, car detailing can be broadly divided into two categories: interior and exterior. Here, we give you a low-down on everything you need to know about both types to keep your luxury car in top condition.

Exterior Car Detailing

It takes care of your car’s exterior through washing, sealing, polishing, and other methods. It involves:

  • Washing: The first step, it removes dirt and grime from every nook and corner, including the vehicle’s rims, door jambs, and glass. But instead of cleaning with hands like in a regular carwash, car detailing uses specialized high-power water sprays.
  • Claying and polishing: After washing the car, a clay bar is used to remove any lingering residue. All the scrubbing and cleaning can dull your car’s paintwork. It is, therefore, polished to retain its original shine and color.
  • Sealing: The last step is to use a sealant to protect the paint’s gloss and shine. Some people use wax for sealing. At Ruddick’s Detail, we use ceramic spray sealant that lasts for up to 7 months and protects your high-end car from dirt and UV rays.

Interior Car Detailing

Once the exterior is taken care of, the next step is to focus on your car’s interior. It involves:

  • Vacuuming: It is the first step, in which every part of the interior, including seats, headliners, rear cargo area, trunk, and shelf, are vacuumed. Floor mats are cleaned separately, as they contain the most dust.
  • Steam cleaning: After removing dust, steam is used to clean the mats and carpets to remove any stains or stubborn marks.
  • Glass cleaning: Glasses are an essential part of any car. For your vehicle to look as posh as new, they need to be sparkling clean. Usually, a high-grade glass cleaner is used for this. 
  • Leather trimming and conditioning: The next step is to take care of the leather parts. They are trimmed and conditioned using a PH-balanced conditioner to give them a brand new and plush look.
  • Re-vacuuming: The last step clears away any leftover dust or debris. Dashboards and windows are also wiped clean again to remove any speck or marks. And finally, a good deodorant sprayed for the final touch.

About Ruddick’s Detail

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