5 Common Ceramic Coating Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Day

Ceramic coating is an excellent way to protect your car’s paint job against elements and prevent oxidization. However, for your ceramic coating to do its job, you need to apply it correctly and precisely. While using the ceramic coating, some mistakes may happen, but if you quickly take action, they are fortunately correctable. At the same time, others may damage your car’s paint job. So it is best to avoid any mistakes when applying a ceramic coat.

Here are some common ceramic coating mistakes you should avoid when coating your car.

Wrong temperature

The ceramic coating products you use have specific instructions about the exact temperature you should use them in. If you don’t maintain the temperature, the product won’t work like it is supposed to. If you coat your car when the air temperature is below 4.4 degrees Celsius, the curing process will significantly slow down, making the ceramic coat useless.


The environment of your room also plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your ceramic coat. If the coating area is too humid, the condensation in the air will make it difficult for the coating to dry quickly and correctly. You should also ensure the car does not contact moisture before the ceramic coating dries entirely. So if there is a possibility of rain, keep your car inside.

Not preparing your car properly

Many people don’t realize the importance of prepping their vehicle properly before applying the coating. There are no shortcuts to cleaning your car before applying the coat. Clean it thoroughly using the right tools and cleaners to ensure there is no residue on the car’s surface, as any residue will lead to improper application. Use a clay bar to remove any leftovers after washing and drying.

Not avoiding sunlight

Taking your car to sunlight right after applying the ceramic coating is a recipe for disaster. The increased temperature will dilute the ceramic coating, and it won’t stick to the car. Give at least 5-6 hours for your car’s paint job to absorb the coating entirely. You should also not take your car in sunlight before applying the coat. Increased surface temperature will spoil the entire coating product, so never apply coating on your car right after leaving it under the sun.

Not waiting for the cure time to finish

Cure time refers to the timeframe every coating needs to stick to your car to provide the proper coverage. The manufacturers mention cure time for ceramic coatings in the packing. It usually takes 48 hours or more. You should let your car sit for that interval before taking it for a drive and exposing it to elements such as snow, water, chemicals, or sunlight.  

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