5 Tips To Protect The Paint Of Your Car

When you drive your polished new car through your lane, the feeling you get is indescribable. However, as your vehicle gets old, its beauty and shine start to fade. Repainting your car is not an option as it decreases its resale value and is also expensive. So prevention is your best option. Taking preventive measures to protect your car’s paint can help you maintain its sheen and color for a long time.

Here are some tips to help you protect your car’s paint.

Use a car cover

The most effective and simple tip to protect your car’s paint is to cover your car whenever you park it in the open. Using a good car cover will protect it against heat, rain, dust, and other elements, as these elements damage your car’s paint job if exposed to them regularly.

Wash your car thoroughly

Another way to keep your car’s paint job intact for an extended period is to thoroughly wash it at least once a week. This includes cleaning the tires, the windshield, and everything on the exterior of your car. Washing eliminates any dirt or chemicals from your car’s paint that can dull its color.

However, you need to ensure that you don’t use a harsh detergent or cleaner and rough cloth that can leave marks on your car’s paint and damage its shine. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always dry your vehicle after washing it.

Use a clay bar

Some contaminants on your car’s paint aren’t removed by just washing it with a car cleaner. To remove such contaminants, you can use a clay bar on your vehicle. It removes any dirt and impurities invisible to the naked eye. However, follow up with a car wax after using a clay bar to protect your car’s paint.

Get paint protection film

If you need an added layer of protection for your car’s paint, then you can get paint protection film for your vehicle. It is a clear coating made of thermoplastic urethane, which has self-healing properties and protects your car’s paint against UV rays, chemicals, dust, and even minor scratches. It is expensive compared to DIY cleaning methods, but a good paint protection film coating done by professionals can last up to five years, so it is absolutely worth the money you pay.

Vinyl wrap

Another way to protect your car’s paint for a longer period is to get a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wrap is also a cheaper way to get a new shade for your vehicle than repainting it. Once you feel the vinyl is worn out enough, you can easily remove and replace it with a new wrap in a few years.

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