5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean in Between Washes

Bright and glossy cars without a speck of dirt on them attract instant attention. However, they don’t stay that way for long.

Since frequent visits to a carwash can be costly, you can keep your vehicle in top shape using protective measures and DIY cleaning at home. All it takes is a few hacks, some time, and effort. Therefore, here we share five ways to help you maintain that sleek finish and shine.

Avoid Driving on Unpaved Roads

Unpaved roads are muddy and filled with potholes. As you drive through them, dust and dirty water can blanket your car, forcing you to make a trip to the carwash much sooner. So choose to drive through well-made concrete or tarred roads whenever possible.

Protect your Car from the Weather

Check the weather before you park your car in the open. If it is a sunny day, try parking the car in the shade. If there are chances of rain, park it outside to make the most of a natural wash. It may not be as effective as a carwash, but the rain will wash away most of the dust and grime, making your vehicle easier to clean. You can also delay your car wash if your area is expecting hail storms. If it’s the storm season, wait for it to end before taking your car for professional cleaning.

Use a Car Cover

Protecting your car with a stretch cover can keep it clean for an extended period. When parked for a long time, your vehicle will benefit from a suitable cover. It will guard your car against dust, scratches, and everyday etching.

Use Dirt-Repellents on the Car’s Exterior

Repellents such as Rain-X can help protect your car against everyday dirt. They also make it easier to remove any dirt or bird droppings that get stuck to your car’s paint. Using dirt-repellents helps delay a trip to the car cleaner.

Clean your Car at Home

Take out some time to clean your car at home on weekends using a waterless carwash or a car duster. It will prevent dirt from settling in on the vehicle. You can also get a paint protection film for your car to maintain its shiny appeal. While at it, also clean, dust, and scrub the interiors for regular maintenance.

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