A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Paint Correction & Enhancement

No one likes to see those ugly scratches and marks on the surface of their precious cars. Sadly, no matter how hard you try, some imperfections like chemical etching, swirl marks, and water spots are bound to mar the surface of your beautiful car. Paint correction is a technique that can help you get rid of most of the marks and scratches, making your car look sleek and beautiful once more.

Here’s a guide to professional car correction and enhancement to know everything about it:

What is a paint correction and enhancement process?

Paint correction and enhancement is the process of removing any imperfection on your car to get a clear reflective surface. It involves cleaning the surface thoroughly and then using different polishers to get the desired results.

How does the paint correction process work?

A professional car detailing agency will perform the following steps when carrying out paint correction on your car.

Step 1: Surface prep

The first thing any professional agency would do to your car is to prepare the surface.

It includes cleaning and decontaminating the entire outer surface by washing it. The agency experts would use cleaners that won’t damage your car’s paint further. Once cleaned, they would scrub off any stubborn grime or dirt not removed during the wash.

Step 2: Measuring paint thickness

The next thing is to measure your car paint’s thickness. It is done so that the full color is not removed from the surface while removing the scratches and marks with polishers. Knowing the thickness of the paint gives the professionals at a better idea of when to stop scrubbing.

Step 3: Masking and blocking off

The rotators used to polish your car during correction work well on large surfaces. However, it is challenging to maneuver them around corners and edges. So the professionals cover such areas with trims to get a perfect finish without damaging any areas.

Step 4: Polishing

The next step is to polish the car. First, the professional detailers will try different formulas to get the right consistency that is just right for your car’s paint thickness. Then they apply the correct polishing formula to the entire surface to remove most imperfections such as oxidations, chemical etching, mineral deposits, etc.

Step 5: Deep scratch repair

The next step is to repair any damage and scratches not removed during the initial polishing stage. To remove such marks that have penetrated the paint layer and reached the metal, professionals sand the area. It helps make the surface clean and even.

Then they apply touch-up paint on the affected area to cover the scratch. Then wet sand it again and polish it to get a smooth, scratch-free surface.

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