An Introduction To FEYNLAB’s® True Nanotechnology And Bonding Chemistry

Car lovers are always in search of new technologies that can help their beauties look their best. However, they face difficulties finding a product that can keep the car looking sleek and protect it against elements. Understanding the pain, Feynlab has developed an advanced formulation in their ceramic coatings with true nanotechnology and bonding chemistry that doesn’t disappoint you at both ends.

Read on to know more about FEYNLAB’s® true nanotechnology and bonding chemistry.

What is Feynlabs’ true nanotechnology?

Feynlab has developed a proprietary chemical formula that they add to their various products ceramic treatment for cars. This exceptional formula enhances the bonding capacity of the ceramic coating to increase the protection level and durability of Feynlab’s ceramic coatings.

What are the benefits of Feynlab’s ceramic coatings with true nanotechnology?

There are several benefits of using Feynnlab’s true nanotechnology-infused ceramic coatings. The most prominent ones include:

  • The innovative formulation penetrates deep into your car’s paint, providing a glossy sheen to your car.
  • The ceramic coating makes your car’s surface hydrophobic, preventing watermarks and fading.
  • The true nanotechnology-infused ceramic coating also protects your car’s exterior against UV rays.
  • The formula is easy to apply on the car’s surface, making it easier for professionals to finish the job quickly.
  • These ceramic coatings are suitable for most vehicle surfaces.

What are the different ceramic coatings that you can opt for in your car?

At Ruddick’s Details, we offer different ceramic coatings like:

Feynlab 1 Year Coating

The first ceramic coating is our Feynlab 1 Year Coating, which keeps your car safe against UV rays, water, and other elements for up to a year.

Feynlab 3 Year Coating

Another service we offer is our Feynlab 3 Year Coating, which is a good option if your car is often exposed to extreme temperatures. This coating enhances your car’s scratch resistance and provides temperature resistance up to 750 degrees celsius along with other benefits such as hydrophobicity and glossiness.

Feynlab 5 Year Heal Lite Coating

If you are looking for a coating that can recover the damage on your car’s surface then, our Feynlab 5 Year Heal Lite Coating is an ideal choice. It has 60% healing properties that use nanoscale magnets to stretch the paint at a high temperature and cover the scratches and marks on your car.

Feynlab 7 Year Heal Plus

The most advanced ceramic coating we offer lasts for up to 7 years and has immense healing properties. It can take care of most scratches and swirls on your car’s exterior and keep your vehicle looking new for years.

Ruddick’s Detail

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