Car Detailing in Cocoa Beach, FL

If you’re like many car owners, you probably take pride in your veceramic coating in Floridahicle. At Ruddick’s Detail, we understand that the last thing you want is to see dings and scratches on your vehicle. That’s why we offer the best car detailing in Cocoa Beach, FL.

When you let us know what problems you’re having with your vehicle, we can quickly identify the solutions best suited for you. On this page, you’ll learn about a few of those services we offer to Cocoa residents: this includes ceramic treatment for cars, paint protection, paint correction Florida, car window tinting, car detailing in Cocoa Beach, FL, and more.

Ceramic Coatings

When you take your car out on the road, there are a variety of different things that can cause problems: debris, water, sun and even the air itself can cause your car to lose its shine over time. That’s why we’re so proud to offer Feynlab coating, which uses nano technology to protect your vehicle from scratches and other blemishes.

One of the earliest innovators in the market, it’s still unparalleled for both its beauty and its practicality. Along with protecting your car, our ceramic coating in Florida and ceramic treatment for cars also gives it a shiny look that can catch eyes while you’re on the road. We offer four different kinds of Feynlab coatings, which can last anywhere from one to seven years.

If you’re worried about your leather getting cracked or stained, you may be interested in Dr. Beasley’s Leather & Fabric Treatment. If you’re having trouble seeing the road when it’s rainy or night time, you may be interested in our Glassparency treatment.

Paint Correction

There are many different kinds of debris that can blemish the paint on your car. Our paint correction Florida service is perfect if you’re concerned by the scratches, swirls, holograms, or other imperfections blemishing your vehicle’s appearance.

Our knowledge and experience in the industry allows us to confidently identify and maintain a variety of different car paint types. When you come to Ruddick’s Detail, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle will be protected.

Paint Protection Film

Of course, the best way to deal with scratches and other blemishes is by preventing them in the first place. At Ruddick’s Detail, we’re proud to offer XPEL Ultimate in Florida. This paint protection film (PPF) is very clear, which means it can protect your vehicle from bugs, scratches, and more while giving it a glossy, eye-catching look.

It’s also self healing, which means it rarely needs to be replaced. When it does need to be replaced, the process only takes hours. This is much quicker than other paint repairs, which can take weeks.

Window Tinting

Car window tinting is desirable for several reasons: along with affording you more privacy, it also prevents your car from getting sun damage.

We use XPEL window films because we believe it’s the best product on the market. Its nanoparticle technology is both durable and effective. XPEL also has a transferable lifetime warranty, which means you’re protected if there are any issues.

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