Everything You Need to Know Before Giving Your Car for Ceramic Treatment

Everything You Need to Know Before Giving Your Car for Ceramic Treatment

If stain marks, scratches, dirt, and grime damage your car’s paint, the ceramic coating can be your best option. Sometimes, you also get additional swirl marks on your car’s paint from all the washing and dusting, and solutions such as waxing and other alternatives don’t work.  

Ceramic coating will fix all such issues, including oxidation and chemical etching, and help make your car look brand new. Here, we give you all the required details about ceramic treatment and its benefits.

Ceramic coating

It is a protective thin film you can apply to your car to guard its paint against external damages. It blends easily with your car’s paint to create a layer of protection. It can’t be undone easily, and if done correctly, ceramic coatings last longer than a car’s typical lifetime.

How does it protect your car?

Ceramic coating protects your car against UV rays, scratches, chipping, and grime buildup. It also prevents etching caused by bug and bird droppings. Ceramic can withstand up to 1,200 °C. To top it all, it gives the paint a glossy finish, adding to your car’s aesthetic appeal.

How is it better than a traditional car wax?

A wax coating usually melts at 180 °C and peels away from your car, leaving it vulnerable to external elements. It doesn’t protect your vehicle against UV rays either. Meanwhile, ceramic coating protects your vehicle from oxidation and the damages caused by external factors. It also protects your car paint from fading and getting dull. It usually lasts longer than a traditional car wax.

How is a ceramic coating applied?

There are few DIY products that you can use to apply a ceramic coating on your own, so it is better to take your car to a detailer who will do it for you. 

They usually use a cloth applicator to put the coating on your car’s surface. It’s done slowly and methodically to ensure that it is evenly applied to every part of the vehicle. The process requires exceptional care because once the ceramic coating hardens; it is tough to correct any mistake, and you will need to remove and reapply all of it. That’s why it is better to get it done by a professional.

How to choose a car detailing service for ceramic coating?

The best way is to look for reviews and testimonials online to know about their work quality. You can also check the products they use and the warranty they provide. Black cars are the most difficult to coat and require extra precision. So if you have a black vehicle, be super cautious before selecting a detailer.

About Ruddick’s Detail

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