Exterior Detailing

STAGE 1 - Exterior Detailing Package
  • Vehicle exterior washed using PH neutralized shampoo with two bucket grit guard system to prevent any damage to the vehicle during the washing process.
  • Rims, rim walls & tires are cleaned, degreased using non-acidic cleaner with fine hair brushes to remove all break dust and dirt. Calipers will receive the same treatment.
  • Door jambs, gas cap, wheel arches will all be cleaned and protected.
  • Body solvent will be applied to areas with bug splatter, tar & road grime.
  • Full hand dry to stop all water streaking
  • Tires dressed
  • Light hydrophobic protection is applied by hand to all painted surfaces.
  • Chrome exhaust tips are polished by hand.
STAGE 2 - Exterior Detailing Package
  • Full clay bar treatment with Nano skin to de-contaminate all surfaces of vehicles exterior
  • All chrome or chrome film surfaces hand rejuvenated with specifically designed compounds
  • Exterior plastics dressed with protection
  • Head &tail lights protected with hydrophobic product
  • Vehicle paint protected with a Ceramic spray sealant which will protect the vehicle up to 7 months. This will be extremely hydrophobic and UV resistant.


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