Paint Correction & Enhancements

Professional Paint Correction is the process of removing unsightly scratches and swirls from your vehicle’s paint using the world’s best polishes and techniques. This will enhance the vehicles appearance by finding true depth within the paint.

Here at Ruddick’s Detail we have the expertise and knowledge of luxury vehicle care and all the different paint types and how they react. Each Correction service includes a full decontamination wash and prep in order to free the vehicle from any dirt and loose debris.

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One Step:
70% – 80% Correction Factor.

A full polishing of vehicles paints in which removes light imperfections such as minor swirls and increases gloss.

This is Included in the 3,5,7 Year Ceramic Treatments.
Two Step:
80% – 90% Correction Factor.

Consists of a medium cut compounding and full polishing for elimination of medium imperfections and holograms.

Three Step:
90% – 95% Correction Factor.

A multi stage compounding and polishing for removal of heavy swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches


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