5 Pro Tips to Keep Your Luxury Car Clean

5 Pro Tips to Keep Your Luxury Car Clean

Car owners spend a substantial amount of time, effort, and money to clean their luxury cars. They invest in regular washes, expensive cleaning products, and ceramic treatments to maintain their vehicles’ sleek look. However, their efforts may fall short if they fail to pay attention to the few details that only experienced car maintenance professionals know about.

Here are five tried and tested car cleaning tips to keep your luxury car clean for extended periods:

Focus on preventive maintenance

Rather than waiting for your car to get completely covered in dirt before sending it for a wash, try to clean it regularly using a waterless spray wash after every drive. It will hardly take 10 minutes of your time, but your car will look much cleaner as a result. 

Apply products on a towel

A common mistake made by car owners is applying the cleaning product directly on the surface. It usually causes a bigger mess. Always lay the product first on the towel and then rub it gently on the surface. It makes sure that you use only the required quantity and also minimizes spills and splashes.

Use the correct waxing methods

Waxing your car 3 to 4 times a year is a good practice as it helps protect the paint correction job from rust and corrosion. However, applying wax on peeling paint surfaces will not do any good. Ensure that you prepare the car properly before applying a wax coating. For best results, use a clay bar.

Hand washing isn’t always the best idea

Most car owners fear sending their cars to automatic car washes as they believe it will leave their vehicles with scratches and swirl marks. However, your vehicle is more likely to get scratches when you try to clean it with your hands using old sponges and rough towels. Always use a clean sponge, soft towels, or gentle hands to clean your car. You can also send it to a car wash for better results. 

Use the proper cleaning technique

Sometimes, regardless of how deeply you clean your car’s windows, there will always be leftover streak marks. To avoid them, clean the glass with a soft microfiber towel and then buff it gently (Don’t forget to apply the cleaning solution on the towel). Use the dry side of the towel to finish the job. Clean the outside in an upward and downward motion and the interior with a side-to-side motion. 

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