5 Tips on How to Maintain a Ceramic Coating

5 Tips on How to Maintain a Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is an advanced polymer solution applied to your car’s exterior to protect its paint against environmental damage. After getting a ceramic coating, most car owners believe they don’t need regular maintenance to keep their vehicles clean and glossy. However, without proper aftercare, ceramic coating on your car won’t last long, and your money would go to waste.

Here are five tips for maintaining your car after getting a ceramic coating. 

Never take your car to an automated carwash 

The first rule of maintaining your ceramic-coated car is to avoid an automated car wash at all costs—especially the ones with brushes and ragged-looking mops. Such car washes can destroy your ceramic coating in a matter of seconds and even damage your car’s paint job. 

Use pH-neutral shampoos or cleaners.

The ceramic coating hardens your car’s paint and creates a hydrophobic layer on it. SO you should never use harsh chemicals to clean it. Instead, use a pH-neutral shampoo whenever you wash your ceramic-coated car. Also, ensure that there is no wax in the cleaner you are using to ensure there is no wax residue once you are done cleaning. 

Wash your car during low-light hours 

If you wash your car when the sun is shining brightly overhead, the high temperature can lead to soap and water drying on your car quickly, leaving soap and swirls marks all over your vehicle. Therefore, it is best to wash your car during sundown or early morning when the sun isn’t too high. If you need to wash your car during the daytime, park your car in a shady area. 

Follow the two-bucket method

The two-bucket method is an easy and popular method of DIY car washing, as it ensures that your car is cleaned quickly. In the two-bucket process, you use one bucket filled with carwash liquid and the other one with pure water. 

Every time you clean the car surface, you need to dip the microfiber cloth or mitt into the pure water to remove the dirt before dipping it again into the car wash liquid. It removes any dirt quickly and leaves fewer scratches and marks on your car. 

Use the right cleaning products

As with the car wash liquid, the other cleaning materials should also be of good quality to prevent any damage to the pain or the coating. Use a soft microfiber towel to dry it after washing. Don’t let the water dry on its own, as it can leave water spots on your vehicle.  

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